Springfield Cable Rates

Monthly Service Rates

Basic Lifeline Cable Service $27.95/mo.
Basic Expanded Cable Service $54.95/mo.
Local Broadcast Fee $5.00/mo.
Copyright Fee $0.10/mo.
HBO $19.95/mo.
Cinemax $17.95/mo.
Starz & Encore Super Pack $14.95/mo.


Miscellaneous Fees (per occurrence unless noted)

Installation $50.00
Installation of Each Additional Outlet  
at time of initial installation of service $15.50
after initial installation of service $35.00
in-house amplifier (addition to above) $35.00
Service Upgrade/Downgrade $25.00
In-Home Service Visit $36.00
Hourly Service Charge (for custom work) $36.00/$45.00
Field Collection Charge $25.00
Visit to customer's residence required to collect
past due balance or un-returned equipment
Re-install of disconnected service within 15 days $35.00
Returned Payment Item (each) $35.00
including but nt limited to returned checks  
Late Payment Fee 1.75% (min $9.50)
Monthly Paper Billing $1.99
(There is NO billing fee for Annual, Credit Card, or Email Billing)  

Rates do not include taxes, surcharges, franchise related costs, and other government mandated fees.

Springfield Cable is a Green company. We limit our use of renewable resources. We highly encourage all customer's to take advantage of our email billing and our easy online payment portal. 

Visa MasterCard Discover We accept major credit cards as well as prepaid MC/VISA and most DEBIT CARDS.

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